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Ready to do something extreme and stupid on camera?

Don't  Try This At Home! Is a One Page TTRPG about performing stunts and other stupid things, inspired by the Jackass series. Powered by The Dice Pile System created by Kapithan and created for the One Page RPG Hackathon 2021.

Create your Daredevil and get your hands dirty (or broken) by partaking in stunts, pranks, challenges or whatever you and the director can come up with. Rather you nail it or bail it, is determined by the wobbly stack of dice!


Don't Try This At Home V1 2021.png 233 kB
Don't Try This At Home V1 2021.pdf


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How can I download the game. This looks awesome!

Whoops! I forgot to upload the file! Give me a few

I appreciate the style of this game, and said so on the One-page RPG Hackathon community page: https://itch.io/jam/one-page-hack-a-thon-2021/topic/1813703/the-submissions